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“Jovens, não tenhais medo de anunciar!” #JoãoPauloII #BentoXVI #PapaFrancisco #JMJ #Rio2013 #YOUCAT

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WYD sticker in my car, the landscape you see through it is Rio :)

Adesivo da JMJ no meu carro, a paisagem atrás é uma parte do Rio, dá pra ver o Engenhão :)

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Bom dia mundo!

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Guys, sorry for the REALLY long time I’ve been offline but it’s hard for me to be on this tumblr more often. So, if you wanna some youth perspective and an inside view of what’s is happening, how we’re preparing to receive all of you, you can follow me on twitter @MariSpezani and talk to me there. Yesterday there was a flash mob in my city, Niterói. Niterói is next to Rio and will be receiving some of you too. We can’t wait!!

I’ll try to be online here more often, I promise!!

On may 28 I’ll find out wich language are gonna stay in my city and I wanna connect with all of you cause I’m REALLY anxious and excited!

God bless you all

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            Have you ever been to a party? What is there in a party? Food, new people to meet, music, festivity, what else? Last year, I was invited into this huge party. Well this party was unlike any other. It was held in Madrid, Spain last August. And for me, it’s the best party ever! This party was the so called World Youth Day. Are you familiar with the party? Well, let me show you the World Youth Day as a party especially the one I attended last year.

            Some of you may ask, what is World Youth Day? According to its official site, the World Youth Day is a great worldwide encounter with the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church. It is celebrated every two or three years in a country which the Pope chose. And contrary to its name, it is not just celebrated for a day; it can last for a week or two. The whole idea of gathering the youth started when the United Nations declared the year 1985 as the International Year of the Youth. On the same year the Catholic Church had a Youth Meeting. It was attended by three hundred fifty thousand youth. And on December 20 of that same year, Pope John Paul II instituted the World Youth Day.

            This party is held in Rome every year and every two or three years in a different country. There have been eleven international World Youth Days; Argentina in 1987, Santiago de Compostela, Spain in 1989, Poland in 1991, USA in 1993, Philippines in 1995, France in 1997, Rome in 2000, Canada in 2002, Germany in 2005, Australia in 2008, and Madrid, Spain on August 16-21 last year. Each has different theme and theme song. The WYD in Madrid goes like this “Firmes an la fe, Firmes en la fe”, meaning “Firm in the Faith”. Another one goes, “Tell the world of His love” (and yeah I sang it haha), you know the song? You should! It was the theme song of the WYD held in Manila.

It holds the world record as the most multitudinous attendance. Five million people were present. It was nothing compared to the crowd in Madrid last year. The total number of youths registered last year was only about four hundred thousand. Ironically, despite being the host country, it was not Spain who has the most number of party goers. Can anyone of you guess which country is it? It was Italy.

            What is a party without food right? Well we were well fed in this party. We were given a food voucher like this. You can present this to any participating restaurants all over Spain and you may have your food. Moreover, during our whole stay there in we are lucky to be housed by a Spanish family 

who served us sumptuous food like this. 

Some youth stayed in schools, sport arenas, and camp grounds. But I was lucky to have a host family who never let me experienced hunger.

            Just like in any party, there is always the main event. And in this party it’s the meeting with the Pope and the Prayer Vigil. They were held in Cuatro Vientos Airfield, Spain’s oldest airfield, the size of forty-eight football fields.

From one of the entrance gate, to our designated place here, we walked for about thirty minutes. That’s how big the airfield is. On August 20, when we arrived here at ten in the morning, the sun was fine. 

But on the afternoon, the scenario was this. 

The temperature was about 45 degrees Celsius who would thought it would rain that night? 

During the preparatory ceremony for the vigil, it rained. And since Cuatro Vientos is an open field, we got wet, and even the Pope got a little wet. 

Despite this bad weather, the party must go on! 

            Ernest Flemingway said that nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night. And we killed it right. 

That night, we roamed around the venue, saying ‘hola’ to everyone and receiving ‘holas’ from them. Everyone is a friend. There were also groups of youth that were singing songs of praises and dancing around a cross. We can’t help but to join them sing and dance. It’s fun mingling with youths of every race but still, the party is not all that and it does not end there. The most important part of the party is the Holy Mass with the Pope wherein he shall give his message to the youth. On The next day, the Pope concelebrated a mass with thousands of priests and bishops from all over the globe. 

And after the mass, the Pope then announced the place where the next World Youth Day will be held. Does anyone of you know where will the next World Youth Day be held? It shall be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil next year.

            So have you pictured out the party I attended last year? From 1985 until now, the Pope would always invite young people to party in witness of their faith. And from Buenos Aires to Madrid, the party was always attended by many wherever it was held. What must be in this party then? If you ask me, I say, this party is one hell of a heaven on earth that on my flight back here in the Philippines, when a British woman asked me how the World Youth Day went, I became a witness of the party and we were in tears of happiness. 

            I do hope you have seen how different this party is from other parties. Some parties would get you scolded by your parents but this party would not. Some parties would get you drunk with liquor but this party would get you drunk with values. Some parties would just pass but this party would last. Some parties would do you good for just a moment but this party would do you good for the rest of your life. So, who wants party in Brazil next year? I hope and I pray to see you all in Brazil.


This is my informative speech during my Speech Communications class last semester. My professor said I knew my topic well and it’s as if I’m just telling a story with my conversational tone. Also, my visuals and parting words were great. I remember my classmates wanting to go to Brazil after my speech. I’m quite happy with it because its the reason why I chose this topic after all, to encourage other young people to attend and experience World Youth Day ^_^ 

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hey guys, i'm really exciting about the World Youth Day! I'm from Brazil, if someone wants to know something about, about the week before, or just talk, follow me :) God bless you all !
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Is it easier to learn Porutgese if you speak Spanish?

Actually, it’s quite similar, since both are born from lathin. Try to read some texts in portuguese, they’re sister languages

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I’m really thankful to find this site! I am also one of the international volunteers and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in the World Youth Day 2013!

Happy New Year everyone and may the Lord bless us all <3

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